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Practice Areas


Whether it's drug charges, white-collar fraud, child pornography, immigration charges, firearms offenses, or some other offense, Scott and his team have an unparalleled trial record.


In the past decade, Scott has tried more federal cases to verdict than any other attorney in the Western District of Michigan.

Federal and State

Criminal Trials


Scott has over 30 years of experience in federal and state appellate courts. He has drafted dozens of U.S. Supreme Court petitions. He and his colleague Clare Freeman have penned close to 200 federal appellate briefs, written dozens of cert petitions in the U.S. Supreme Court, and argued close to 50 times in U.S. Courts of Appeals. Scott has filed over 100 state appeals in Michigan and Illinois and has appeared before the Michigan and Illinois supreme courts over 20 times. 

Federal and State

Criminal Appeals


If you're in custody and ready to come home, get the help you need to prepare a habeas petition that can bring you relief. Scott and Clare have handled dozens of habeas matters, including capital habeas matters/death-penalty cases. They have filed in U.S. district courts in Michigan and Texas and in the Fifth and Sixth Circuit Courts of Appeals. 

Federal Habeas Relief

Habeas Petitions


Scott has spent years successfully negotiating the ERISA field. He has achieved positive outcomes in contribution-collection and withdrawal-liability cases.

Civil ERISA Claims



In wrongful-death matters, Scott has won multiple multi-million-dollar verdicts. His colleague Clare Freeman has written successful responses to ward off summary judgment and winning appellate briefs to reverse adverse judgments in legal-malpractice cases in New Mexico state court.  

In construction-defect matters, Scott has achieved unqualified victory after battles in Michigan circuit and appellate courts and the Michigan Supreme Court.

Federal and State

Complex Civil Litigation


Scott is qualified as learned counsel for federal death-penalty matters. He has handled trials, appeals, habeas matters, and U.S. Supreme Court cert petitions in capital matters. 


Capital Cases

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