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"Thanks a million . . . and by the Grace of God when all this is over I will definitely contact [you] to show how grateful and thankful I am for all your superb assistan[ce]."

"Thanks . . . . Indeed you are God sent."

"You have really been of tremendous help and I truly appreciate you."

". . . Scott's commitment [is] truly appreciated. Thanks so much."

Pretrial Motions

Clients have expressed their appreciation for Scott's vigorous attacks of unconstitutional searches. For example, Scott won dismissal of a federal fraud indictment based on an illegal police search of a self-storage unit. 

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DNA Challenges

Despite a certain popular confidence in DNA evidence, DNA materials are not always indicators of "truth." Whenever the science allows it, Scott challenges the methods behind DNA collection and testing. Clients facing this evidence at trial have expressed their appreciation for Scott's vigorous challenges to admission of this evidence. 

Test Tubes

Challenging Wiretaps

It takes dozens and dozens of hours and specialized knowledge of the statutory and constitutional concerns surrounding interception of phone communications to challenge government wiretaps. Clients have expressed their gratitude for Scott's willingness to bring these challenges on a regular basis.


Use of Experts

Clients regularly indicate their appreciation of Scott's use of experts. Whatever the case (from farm fraud to issues involving mental health), Scott has a network of respected experts who can testify and bring before the jury the specialized expertise necessary to present a full and robust defense. 

Drug Testing
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