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Petitions for

Writs of Certiorari

U.S. Supreme Court

Click here to review a cert petition addressing cell-phone location data and Fourth Amendment issues. 

In this petition, we challenged the use of closed-circuit-television technology to present witness testimony.


Wiretap Challenge

U.S. District Court

Click here to review a 2019 motion to suppress illegal wiretaps.

Court in GR.jpg

Sentencing Memo

U.S. District Court

When we face sentencing, we strive to tell the court the whole story . . . present the whole person. Clients are not defendants. They are people . . . and we do everything we can to help the court see this personhood.


Click here to read a sample sentencing memo.



Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Click here to read an appellate brief challenging police misconduct related to an unconstitutional search. And click here for the reply brief.

Click here to read a brief challenging a jury's finding of guilt.


Fourth Amendment Challenge: Suppression Granted

U.S. District Court

Click here to read a motion to suppress that the district court granted, resulting in dismissal of charges.

Click here to read the accompanying challenges to statements in the search-warrant affidavit.

The court's order granted our suppression motion.


Fingerprint Challenge

U.S. District Court

Faced with questionable evidence and "science," we will challenge the government's attempts to present the materials. 

Click here to read a challenge of fingerprint evidence. 

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